Health & Well Being Program

 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  1. Establish a mechanism to address factors that impact social, economic and political environments that shape and constrain individual, community, and societal health outcomes.
  •  Assist with/conduct community needs assessments to identify priority health concerns.
  • Assist in the development of culturally appropriate programs and interventions to improve health outcomes and eliminate disparities

Access to Healthcare and Health Insurance

  1. Reduce the rate of uninsured Hispanic/Latino community members
  • Increase awareness of health insurance options and enrollment
  • Increase the capacity of community members to use health insurance
  • Increase the number of children with health coverage


  1. Increase access to culturally & linguistically appropriate health and human services
  • Eliminate barriers to accessing care among community members
  • Increase the number of skilled bilingual, bicultural staff hired across the spectrum, from direct service to management to administrative positions
  • Build capacity of the existing and upcoming workforce to better work with and/or provide services to Hispanic/Latino community
  • Increase awareness and support for addressing issues affecting Hispanics/Latinos by local and state government officials