Nuestra Misión en El Centro Hispano

MISSION: strengthening the community, building bridges and advocating for equity and inclusion for Hispanics/Latinos in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.


Education Program 

El Centro Hispano has as its overarching goal to expand educational opportunities for personal growth and development of Hispanic/Latino community members, from child to adult.

Efforts address three main components: literacy and academic achievement for children, youth, and adults; workforce readiness and development; and community education, advocacy, and civic engagement; particularly that which leads toward citizenship and leadership development.

Economic Development Program

The Center for Employment & Leadership (CEL) is part of the Economic Development Program, and works to strengthening day laborers, domestic, temporal and permanent workers without a steady job and for those who have low income to be able to find secure and fair jobs through development of leadership skills activities, services advocacy, community organizing and partnership. Read more...



Health & Well-Being Program

The overarching goals of El Centro Hispano’s Health & Well-Being Initiative are to improve health outcomes of the Hispanic/Latino population in the Triangle Area. . Read more...

Community Engagement & Advocacy Program

Expand the capacity of the organization to mobilize and assist community members to fully participate in society and/or influence policy and service improvements.   

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