Health and Well-being

Health promotion and disease prevention

La Ventanilla de Salud (Health Booth)/Ventanilla de Salud (Health Window)

The Ventanilla de Salud is a program of the Government of Mexico developed by the Health Secretary and the Foreign Affairs Secretary, through the Institute of Mexicans Abroad. This program is implemented through the Mexican consular network in the United States with the support of various organizations.

They operate within the Mexican Consulates in that country; 

Today there are 50 Health Windows, one in each of the consulates. VDS ( Health Window) Raleigh is a unique collaboration between the Consulate General of Mexico Raleigh and the nonprofit organization El Centro Hispano grassroots community-based organization dedicated to strengthening the Latino community and improving the quality of life of Latino residents in Durham, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. We accomplish our mission through service, education and community organizing.

The services are provided within the Mexican consulates to the users that come to carry out some consular procedure.

Through the Health Window the following services are provided:

1. Blood pressure and BMI

2. Free health screening such as glucose testing, HIV and STDs, cholesterol, skin and vision.  Flu vaccinations (working together with different local agencies)

3. References of clinics, health centers or hospitals where to go to receive medical services at low cost regardless of the migratory situation of the person,

4. Education in health issues such as diseases that most afflict the immigrant population of Hispanic origin, general recommendations to stay healthy.

5. Information of public health programs to those persons who are eligible especially in the case of children and pregnant women.

The main services offered on prevention and health promotion through the health windows are aimed primarily at providing guidance on priority issues such as nutrition, obesity, diabetes,  heart diseases, women’s and men’s health, child health, mental health, HIV / AIDS , addictions, access to services, among others.

The services, offered for free, are available to everyone not just Mexicans.

The Health Window is open  from Monday- Friday from 8:00 – 2:00 PM

For more information contact the Health Window  Coordinator
Phone: (919) 615-3683

Juntos por la Salud-Mobil Unit (a health education window and the mobile unit in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate)

The mission of Juntos Por la Salud (Together We Can) is to develop and implement a primary prevention mobile unit to provide access to health services and promote healthy lifestyle choices to vulnerable Latino populations in North and South Carolina.


  • Provide access to health services by targeting key priority issues such as nutrition, obesity, diabetes, reproductive health, child health, mental health, HIV/AIDS, addictions, domestic violence, and access to health services
  • Identify patients in need of referrals to local clinics, health institutions, or health specialists for further medical care and follow-up on a case-by-case basis.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices utilizing culturally and sensitively created materials, fliers, videos, and group presentations and workshops via the mobile unit.
  • Appreciate the complex medical and social issues faced by medically underserved communities in North and South Carolina.

JPLS has worked with a total of 968 people in the last 9 months, providing access to health services by targeting key issues such as nutrition, obesity, diabetes, reproductive health, child health, mental health, HIV / AIDS, addictions, domestic violence, and access to health services

HIV prevention
HIV/STD Prevention ECH holds educational courses about HIV & STD prevention for the Hispanic/Latino communities in Durham & Carrboro- Chapel Hill. ECH also provides HIV/STD testing in collaboration with other organizations.
Alcohol/Substance Abuse Education
With the support of Durham County and Orange County ABC Boards, El Centro Hispano seeks to decrease the number of Latinos reported as misusing/abusing alcohol and substance abuse and/or who are involved in an alcohol/substance abuse related traffic accident. Staff provide one-on-one education, make community presentations, and make referrals to treatment/rehab organization in the area.

DWI Prevention
DWI Prevention Program ECH visits community sites to provide information to the Hispanic/Latino community about the problem of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Access to Healthcare

ENLACES (Personal navigator for HIV positives)
El centro Hispano collaborates with UNC connecting Mexicans HIV positives to helath care.

Annual Health Fair – Fiesta de la Salud
El Centro Hispano’s annual Health Fair brings together over 50 agencies and almost 150 volunteers to assist 400 plus people through fun activities, health screenings and education sessions.
“La Fiesta de Salud” is El Centro Hispano’s Annual Health Fair and has been held for the last eighteen years to serve the growing Latino/Hispanic community in Durham.The purpose of the health fair is to educate the Latino community about Durham’s health resources, engage them in physical activities, and provide on-site free screenings for such health indicators as blood pressure, glucose levels, body mass index, cholesterol levels, lead, glaucoma and HIV/STD screenings.

Well-being Support Services
Community Support Services seek to increase access to information, tools, and resources needed by community members to address their needs and/or achieve their goals. Services include information and referral, case management, linkage to area resources, interpretation/translation, legal clinics, immigrant assistance, community forums, and other enabling support or consultation needed. By providing these services, the staff gather data, identify concerns, and track service barriers to later work with service providers on making improvements.
Walk in office

ECH’s Durham & Carrboro – Chapel Hill offices provide immediate access to mediation, interpretation, translation, and form completion services as well as referrals to health, education, employment, family, and law services. No appointment necessary.

Notary Services
The Durham ECH office provides free notary services to ECH members. Services are provided at a cost of $5 for non-members.

Domestic Violence Prevention and Assistance
El Centro Hispano provides referral services for domestic violence & sexual assault victims.

Community Service
ECH works in coordination with the court to supervise Hispanic/Latino individuals serving community service hours.

Legal clinics 
The Durham & Carrboro-Chapel Hill ECH offices provide consultations with lawyers who volunteer their services. A pre-scheduled appointment is required.