Child Enrichment: Pre-K Enrichment Classroom
Child Enrichment ECH’s Durham & Carrboro-Chapel Hill offices offer a structured, preschool experience for youngsters in both Spanish & English.

Tutoring K-12
Tutoring ECH

Tutoring ECH’s Durham & Carrboro-Chapel Hill offices provide afterschool homework help for children in grades K-12 in Spanish & English, as well as a daily lesson in reading & math.
Youth Development (Enlaces) Hispanic /Latino children in Durham public schools grades 4 – 7 are helped to connect with their parents, teachers & school.


  • English as a Second Language Classes
    English Classes (ESL) ECH’s Durham & Carrboro- Chapel Hill offices offer English classes in collaboration with Durham Technical Community College & the Orange & Durham County Literacy Centers.
  • Literacy in Spanish for Adults, Elementary and Secondary Education (Plaza Comunitaria) for Adults
    Literacy/ Elementary & Secondary Education ECH’s Durham office provides Spanish adult literacy classes, as well as primary & secondary education courses. At the successful completion of each level, participants receive the appropriate certificate from the Mexican Public Education Department through the Mexican Consulate, which is valid in the United States and in all Latin American countries.
  • Spanish as a Second Language – Spanish Language Institute
    Spanish as a Second Language ECH’s Durham office offers Spanish language classes for children. Spanish for Latino Kids ECH’s Durham office offers classes for Hispanic/Latino children to improve their Spanish language writing & reading skills.
  • Computer classes
     The topics of these classes are general basic concepts about how to use the computer, internet, email, files, and how to protect your information.
  • Citizenship classes
    U.S Citizenship Classes: Help to prepare students to take the citizenship test.
    ECH seeks to educate and prepare eligible citizenship applicants for the process they will be faced with.
    It is a 20 hour class in Spanish and English for 10 weeks, once a week 6:00-8:00 PM.
  • Parenting Education (MotherRead, Circle of Parents)
    Parenting Skills Groups offer parent support groups in Spanish.
  • MotherRead: This program works with Spanish speaking mothers & their children to help children develop a love of reading.
  • Circle of Parents: Regular support groups in Spanish for parents. Topics covered include roles of family members, communication in the family, and domestic violence prevention.