Community LGBTQ+

LGBTQ Support Groups

LGTB Support Group ECH organizes & facilitates bi-monthly support groups in Carrboro-Chapel Hill & Durham for Hispanic/Latinos who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender. Funded by the Crape Myrtle Festival.
The objective of the support groups is to empower the LGBTQ Latinx Community through education and integration, mental health support, reduction of stigma and discrimination and HIV/STDs prevention.

“Hola Latino” 

LGBT youth participate in bi-weekly meetings as safe space for expression of gender, culture, and identity; to discuss issues affecting them specifically as members of the LGBT/Latinx community; and to learn and discuss with one another how to address them. In addition, youth along with the support of staff design interventions and get training to educate other LGBT/Latinx or Heterosexual communities.
Youth also engage in community mobilization and advocacy activities.

Entre Nosotras

Entre Nosotras (trans women)
The program is a support group for transgenders focused on educating and helping achieve a better life. Staff also assist in linking participants to health services in the community that may assist them as they transition.
Weekly meetings and monthly activities are held.
To learn more contact Cristina Morales or Like on Facebook page EntreNosotras Centro