Community Engagement & Advocacy

El Centro Hispano seeks to expand leadership, advocacy, and volunteerism among Latinos in its service area. Community members and organizations can get involved by:

  • Participating in leadership skills development and/or advocacy training
  • Helping mobilize action in neighborhoods or among special groups
  • Influencing change around issues affecting Latinos such as policy and/or service improvements
  • Forming collaborations to maximize intervention efforts and service delivery
  • Serving as volunteers to support programs, community forums, and/or special events
  • Becoming a member to support the overall work of the organization

Faith ID

How does the ID program build trust with local law enforcement, and other local sectors?
Several law enforcement officers are present for each Faith ID Drive and engage in remarkably positive dialogue with ID participants. Officers listen to the needs and concerns of the community, while also educating the community on laws, and ways to report and help resolve crimes. It is not uncommon for crimes to be privately reported to trusted officers at Faith ID drives.
What is the impact for our communities?

After just one year of the program, law enforcement in Greensboro publicly shared that several serious crimes had been reported and resolved by participants in the FaithAction ID program, and other law enforcement partners have experienced similar success in creating safer communities. Additionally, FaithAction recently interviewed 150 FaithAction ID cardholders, and over 95% said that they had found the ID very useful with community partners and that they felt safer and more likely to report and resolve crimes after having had positive interaction with local law enforcement at Faith ID drives. Health centers have additionally reported how helpful the Faith ID has been to establish an identity for crucial health services and records, and businesses/cultural arts organizations have also greatly appreciated
attracting new diverse customers.

Mujeres en Accion

Mujeres en Accion is an empowerment project dedicated to creating a supportive and culturally sensitive environment for lesbian and bisexual latinas of Durham, Wake and Orange Counties of NC.
The main goal of Mujeres en Acción is to help its members empower themselves.
Mujeres en Acción focuses on issues specific to lesbian/bisexual latinas.

Youth Leaders in Action/Jovenes Lideres en Accion

Youth Leaders in Action has a Youth Leadership Council that works with staff to advise programming using the five areas of development and to lead activity days and/or service projects. The Youth Council sets a calendar of events to include weekly meetings with topics to be covered, fun and educational monthly activities, and service-learning opportunities they can participate in. Youth are also encouraged to further develop their leadership skills and experience by joining committees, councils, and boards and/or by participating in community grassroots mobilization and advocacy efforts.

Support from law enforcement, domestic violence agencies, and health centers:

“The Burlington Police Department has been involved with the Faith Action ID Card program for several years. Every month we are able to attend an ID drive and engage new residents. We discuss many aspects of public safety and build great relationships with folks who previously were suspicious or fearful of the police. These relationships lead to enhanced safety for

Immigrants and citizens alike

-Jeffrey Smythe, Burlington Police Chief

“The ID drives are especially important in building trust among law enforcement agencies and victims, including victims of intimate partner violence. Not having identification creates a

barrier to reporting and seeking assistance. All victims have a right to be free of violence and should be able to rely on the institutions that address intimate partner violence for protection

of themselves and their children. A FaithAction ID allows law enforcement, health centers, and businesses to better identify, serve, and protect all survivors”.

-Dana Mangum, Executive Director of the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“The FAITH ID program has helped the Greensboro Police Department reach out, get to know, and develop trust in a section of our community that has been traditionally underserved and over victimized. The bridges built in trust through this partnership have led to a safer community overall, not just for the ID recipients.”

-Mike Richey, Greensboro Police Department Deputy Chief

“The FaithAction ID program has become an essential partner, helping Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center move into a mutually healing relationship with our patients, families, and neighbors, including those without documents. This hospital was founded by the NC Baptist Convention in 1922 to provide care to anyone in the state who God so loved; the ID program helps us fulfill that vision by making it safe for our patients to come to receive care by ensuring we know who they are through accurate identification. The integrity and intelligence of the program has brought us into a new level of collaboration with police and other public servants.”

– Reverend Gary Gunderson, Vice President of FaithHealth, a Division of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center 

Immigration legislation in North Carolina

While the FaithAction ID network and community partners are deeply concerned with the current provision in SB145 to no longer allow law enforcement to accept the FaithAction or other community ID cards, we are also troubled by the totality of this bill, and other current immigration legislation (including House Bills 35, 63, 113, 306, 341, 471 and Senate Bill 188). These bills continue to criminalize our diverse immigrant community, who make up the foundational backbone of our economy, and demonstrate distrust of local municipalities and law enforcement to serve and protect their communities. We have the opportunity to lead our nation with positive, innovative and effective legislation on immigration, and would serve
our diverse communities best with fair and welcoming policies, that would lead to safer, more inclusive and united communities for all including: access to driver’s licenses and instate tuition for our newest neighbors, while encouraging our federal government to create an earned pathway to legal status.

Faith Action ID Program

Contact: For more information, visit, or contact FaithAction Executive Director, Rev. David Fraccaro at or (336) 379-0037, ext 2.

Know your Rights: Sessions where the community is informed by many stakeholders, organizations, and government about their rights as members of the community.
In these sessions, we also talk about how to prepare in these difficult times and follow with Power of Attorney clinic’s.